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Where is the professional manufacturer of rotary offset printing ink, offset ink suppliers

Release Date:2016/5/18

Where is the professional manufacturer of rotary offset printing ink, offset ink suppliers

With the progress of the society, there has been many, many ink manufacturers, to let the market become ink mixed abuse unbearable, printing factory is difficult to distinguish which ink manufacturers is needed, the following Xiaobian recommended a professional to do rotary offset printing ink manufacturers and service providers - Guangzhou emperor day printing material Co., Ltd.;

Guangzhou emperor the sky printing material Co., Ltd. is located in the financial city of Guangzhou, mainly engaged in various types of printing inks and printing materials, Charles a series of ink exclusive distributor. Company covers an area of 20000 square meters. Since its inception in 2004, the spirit of "innovation, with the times," the strategy of sustainable development, the enterprise has developed a competitive new products.

Guangzhou emperor the sky printing material Co., Ltd. as a collection of materials production and sales in one of the enterprises in terms of technology development, sales network of perfect, excellent after-sales service or to today's electronic commerce have the advantage. At present, the company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 international environmental management system certification, and was elected as the Seventh Council of China Daily Chemical Association, the governing unit.

Guangzhou emperor day printing materials Co., Ltd. the main "a Charles" series of high-grade offset printing ink is dominant, engaged in prepress, printing materials, supplemented by, including the sheet fed offset printing ink, rotary offset printing ink, UV offset printing ink and ink auxiliary agent and a variety of related printed materials. Especially the production company "a Charles" series of dumb powder paper ink and synthetic paper ink, on the basis of this, original proposed the offsctdruckereien ink quality control, on the basis of the theory, to capture the offset printing prepress exist a series of problems, to fill the international similar products a number of blank, quality (especially in anti-wear, anti off) reached the international leading level, get around the enterprise wide application.

Guangzhou emperor the sky printing material Co., Ltd is a professional do offset printing ink, UV ink, offset printing ink, offset ink, leaflets offset printing ink, UV varnish, printing ink, water ink, soy ink, special ink and a variety of accessories ink manufacturers, over 12 years of experience in production, can solve a variety of ink printing problems, such as the need to please contact the company: 020-36253645, URL: