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The advantage of the last printing ink in four color printing

Release Date:2016/5/17

Yesterday with a colleague in the discussion of the color printing, printing color sequence arrangement, experienced master tells us before the CTP printing system and printing color sequence arrangement is very important, many album printing to control printing color, must be very careful with color, long time experience, they found four-color printing in the final printed yellow ink is better, for this, he to us the detailed description:

1) due to the transparency of the yellow ink, arranged in the final color printing to facilitate enough white light into the upper and lower ink layer, get bright, bright colors, is conducive to better color printing to achieve the color.

2) Huang Mo has a faster drying performance, but also has a larger printing area. The yellow ink arranged in the last color printing, can prevent glass caused due to excessive yellow ink drying speed, and can make full use of the printing area, and soon the oxidation of trabeculectomies, covered in other ink layer surface, printing products have a certain gloss.

In the specific printing process, according to the requirements of the quality of printing products, in accordance with the laws of the overprint flexibility in the choice of the best printing color sequence, to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, color deviation control, printing out the ideal printing products. Now with the development of science and technology, excellent color management system in the application of printing has been more advanced, and even so, these basic rules and accumulated experience is still very worthy of inheritance.