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Offset printing ink manufacturers to improve the ink color accuracy?

Release Date:2016/5/17

Color printing ink factory tuned to the printing plant, often with the color standard error, which is a very difficult to completely avoid the problem, can only be to minimize the color difference, is what causes the problem, and how to control, how to improve ink factory color accuracy??

1. Printing: printing ink factory most of the imports of British small press, the mesh of this machine is in the formation of the version, by round embossing roll with Indian film mobile to complete the printing, the printing machine is rotary way, mesh is on a rotating circular and. The mesh line number, angle have great differences, which makes the same ink, there is not a small difference in the two kinds of printing mode. It is sometimes no more than a light dark color, but hue, lightness and will bring different results. Shanghai printing factory with a stick of some kind, even worse. Seihan factory proofing machine to the color, the effect will be much better than the imported printing confidential, and the price is almost the same, the proofing machine can be made printing factory the same version, and according to the needs of the design of different levels, the depth of the printed pattern, which makes printing basic with a printing factory the same, affect the hue of a important factor - plate, also with the printing plant of the same.

2. Depth: different copies of the different version, printing ink factory used to copy the depth of knowledge or estimates also affects the accuracy of color. Obviously, if ink factory of color with 45 u m deep printing, and customer's version is far less than 45 m, printed color becomes shallow, otherwise, it will become darker. Some people think that is provided by the user standard ink control to adjust the ink, the version can not be considered deep, in fact, this is a theory of view, in fact, it is not the way. In theory, exactly the same two ink (for example, to a cup of ink is divided into two parts), either version of the deep and shallow (other conditions are the same) its hue is consistent. But in the actual color, it is not possible to deploy that exactly the same ink, so often there is such a phenomenon; sometimes the shallow printed version of the color closer to customer requirements), but if a deep footprint version, the color of a lot of the poor, so version of the dark master is very important, deep version of the customer, must with the depth of the version printing of color.

3. Viscosity: printing ink factory color to color printing viscosity you want to try and printing printing the ink printing viscosity consistent, both worse farther, eventually, to color difference is bigger. Color printing ink factory in 22s, and customers with 35S, the color of deep and shallow certainly many, many. Some ink plants do not pay much attention to this problem, do not consider the use of the printing plant viscosity, uniform viscosity contrast to the customer's standard sample (with ink samples, printed pieces), which caused a large color difference.

4 printing materials: printing ink factory on the color of the material and the different printing plant (including other processes) will also cause a large color difference. Some ink is a layer of white ink color will be closer to the customer and printed, some on the contrary. Some customers ink composite changed little, but some change is very big, such as some of the transparent color, Shanghai printing so ink color factory, be sure to clarify the situation of customers for the process, the most basic include: whether the white printing ink underpinning, composite material, varnish.

In theory, using the ink printing, printing ink factory color printing and printing factory conditions closer, the redeployment of the ink accuracy is higher. But due to the limited conditions, both still have many differences, such as printing speed, to watch the color of the environment, the printing pressure and pressure are not uniform, as long as the good control of the four parts, certainly can greatly improve the accuracy of color ink factory.