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Six effects of solvent on printing ink

Release Date:2016/5/16

In printing, in addition to the paper and ink is the most important raw materials, we also can not ignore an important part of the solvent and gravure inks and flexible printing ink, at the same time, solvent or plastic film composite adhesive contains an important part.

1 organic solvents can be solvent ink additives

Organic solvent to dissolve resin or other ink additives, so as to be able to make the ink into a homogeneous liquid, which has certain liquidity and makes the ink pigment dispersed more help in the printing process to better transfer from the printing plate to printed materials, but also help to increase the ink on the printing material sticking to focus on.

2 solvent can also affect the color of ink

Solvent to make the ink color more nourishing and dispersion, on the ink stability is better, and the hue color changes, tinting strength, printing, color distribution, precipitation, condensation and no adverse effects.

3 to adjust the ink viscosity

Organic solvents is low viscosity material, when added to the ink, it will reduce the ink viscosity, you can through this way to adjust the printing ink viscosity to a most suitable for printing degree, we can get the best printing effect.

4 to adjust the ink drying speed

In the printing process, according to the different requirements of the printing, printing ink may need different drying speed, usually adjust the ink drying rate, you can adjust the line by adding the solvent. In order to make better drying effect, you can't use common solvents, needs to use the quick drying solvents or is slow solvent can meet the requirements.

5 improve the ink to be printed material infiltration

Printing process, and some were printed material surface is very not easy be gravure ink infiltration, the ink is not easy attachment in printed materials, the final printing effect will be very poor. This time you need to add a specific solvent ink, can make the ink and the surface of the material is more close to the tension, so that the ink can be easily attached to the surface of the printed material.

Effect of 6 on the solubility and permeability of printed materials

Due to the solvent in the ink on the surface of a number of dissolution and can improve the bonding force, printing fastness is good. Even film that can't be dissolved. Such as ethylene, polypropylene, polyester, etc., due to its expansion of the solvent, it can increase the affinity of the solvent affinity. Therefore, in the manufacture of ink, if the design of the solvent on the film without affinity, it will never get excellent printing fastness.

Generally speaking, the solvent is an integral part of the ink printing, through which you can adjust the ink tree, and then affect the quality and effect of printing. So, in order to get better printing quality, how to choose and use ink solvent, is a very important thing.